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The Overview of How the BoardDocs Platform Works

Software for small and medium communities, schools, and agencies called BoardDocs is cloud-based. The main features include voting, document management, sophisticated search, event management, policy management, and meeting agenda management.

Users may build agendas, designate existing meetings, view meeting minutes, add upcoming meetings to the calendar, monitor modifications, approvals, and submittals, and generate meeting documents using the meeting agenda tool. Other capabilities include the ability to replay meetings in audio and video, the ability to date- and time-stamp documents, the ability to customize templates, the ability to support video, and the ability to control security. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are integrated with BoardDocs.

BoardDocs is available as a monthly membership service. Operating systems for Windows, Linux, and Mac are all compatible with it. It provides mobile apps for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Both telephone and email customer service are available. White papers, support manuals, and blogs are further sources of assistance.

For Starting

Potential BoardDocs users can take advantage of a free demo to better understand how the platform works and how it can help their school boards. There is no free trial or free version available.

Several options are available for user onboarding. Users can request live on-site training for groups or individuals. Board members also benefit from a collection of educational materials, including video presentations, documentation, and free webinars.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantages of BoardDocs are the MetaSearch functionality, workflow customization, and library.

BoardDocs has an extensive database of information that users can easily access thanks to the software’s MetaSearch functionality. Information from the BoardDocs database can be integrated into management agendas and processes or simply used as a guide and reference. Policies created by users can be reviewed and refined using the functionality as BoardDocs shows users similar policies from other organizations so they can select and import what they find useful.

Customizing the calendaring workflow is another thing users can do thanks to BoardDocs. Calendar concepts can be enhanced with notes and entries created by contributors, with BoardDocs tracking changes and comments. Workflow approval structures can also be configured to review documents before they appear in the draft calendar.

Newsletters, images, and other files are stored in the BoardDocs library and users have access to an unlimited number of attachments. Documents in the library can be categorized as private and public. Another thing that can be accessed from the library is items for strategic purposes and events.


Although the BoardDocs site is generally praised by users, there are those who complain about the user interface. While some people find it challenging to navigate, others would want more font and text formatting adjustment options.


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